Are you really great?

“When does one become great?” The obvious answer seems to be when the individual achieves a high level of performance, such as an award or a gold medal. Yet greatness is not achieved when the result is reached, but rather long before that when an individual chooses to do the things that he knows he needs to do. The results are not the attainment of greatness; the results are simply the confirmation of it. You become great long before the results show it. It happens in an instant, the moment you choose to do the things you need to do to be great and each moment that you continue to choose to do those things.

Each and every one of us has the ability to be great. Being great is a discipline to do the things you know you need to do even when-especially when-you don’t feel like it.

These 3 principles…..Accountability, Commitment, and Greatness in the Moment-form the foundation of personal and professional success.

Although I would like to say that I wrote this,  credit goes to Donna Moyer, Managing Broker for the Liz Moore and Associates Newport News office.  Sometimes the universe delivers things to you that you didn’t even know you needed. I needed this email today. Thank you, Donna

Fall Leaves Bring Sold Signs

Fall Leaves Bring Sold Signs

Summer has come to an end and you probably are thinking you’ve lost the opportunity to sell, and need to wait till next summer. But that’s far from the truth! Although it’s not as hectic and crazy with the swarm of buyers on the market, the fall season brings out the most serious of lookers. They are the pool of buyers that waited out the summer frenzy to find their perfect home in the fall, and you don’t want to miss these buyers! They are ready to make a move, today! And selling in a slower period does not equate to less money. That’s a misconception that home owners have based on untrue data that floats around. With the right agent, and your home being priced correctly, you can get a great deal selling your home during the fall season. And might actually prefer it. Here are the top 3 benefits to listing during the fall season.

1. Serious Buyers – Let’s be honest, if buyers are out during the busy season, looking for homes, they are serious and ready to buy. Although the summer brings in a large crowd, that crowd contains a lot of people that are excited by the season, and fall into the “trend” of house hunting. These people end up not really being serious about the process, and tend to hold off for another time. If people are investing time to look during the fall season, they are more likely to be interested in actually buying your home, instead of touring it.

2. Less Competition – Selling in the fall isn’t something many families can accomplish due to personal schedules. That’s why a significant amount of homes get listed during the summer season. Which means that summer time brings in a lot of competition. Selling in the fall means the potential house next door that has slightly more perks that may have been listed during the summer, doesn’t make your home sit stagnant, since everyone wanted your neighbor’s house. It also doesn’t devalue your home because of the house that could go up next door that could be under-priced in your neighborhood, and draw all of the attention.

With a slower season, you get dedicated attention to your property, which increases the chance of a sale.

3. Easier to Find Your Dream Home – Not only do you get to benefit from a slower season during the selling process, but you can also benefit on the buying side. With less competition on your dream house, you can get a better deal. The summer brings a lot of missed opportunities for buyers on their dream homes, because they go off the market instantly. This will give you the opportunity to get your home on the market and take your time to find the right one to resize into. A much calmer pace to the transaction will make it less stressful, and everyone all around happier. Don’t feel rushed into buying a home overnight during the summer, it could turn into a headache. If you want a far more peaceful transaction, that has calmer pace, then selling during the fall is perfect for you.

What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do?

                                                            GET TO THE POINT!!!!

It screams through my head every time I open an email more than a paragraph long.  I thought it was because I was from New York and lacked the southern mannerisms deep in my soul. Danny Rubin, author of  Wait, How Do I Write This Email? has relieved my mind and explained why so many people write fluff instead of content.

Rubin contends that our inability to just say what we want in writing is because we paid attention in our high school English classes. Remember the 2000 word requirement? The constant reminders to increase our vocabularies? Well, we did it and now no one wants to read what we write.

The solution? Get rid of any words in your email that doesn’t affect the content. The following are typical culprits:

This, that, these and those 

quite, extremely, absolutely, in order to, and most ing words

Rubin’s book is an easy read and he provides examples of effective writing. My only complaint is that the majority of his material is aimed at the job seeker, but he did disclose his intent at the beginning

Note: I have removed 20% of this blog before I pressed PUBLISH.  Thank you, Mr. Rubin!





Crowd Funding for Real Estate

Crowd Funding for Real Estate

Maybe it was the rain the fell for three full days in Myrtle Beach this weekend. Maybe it was remembering where I used to work as I filmed my biography with Reel Events… but my thoughts went to the people trying to get their lives back together after the devastating storms in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Texas and who can ever forget,  New Orleans.

Crowd Funding, most popularly known as “Go Fund Me” pages have sprouted up everywhere during the past few years and my own daughter has received much needed  equipment and supplies for her classroom in Norfolk but until recently, real estate was left out in the cold. Not anymore. Now, thanks to Title 3 of the JOBS act, anyone will as little as $1000 can invest in single homes, retail centers and multi family homes.

So what does rain have to do with crowd funding?  A lot, actually. Now a builder without a credit line at a bank or 20% equity can build homes in areas where people hit the hardest need them. Now people like me, not affected directly by these tragedies can invest (and get a return) without being an accredited investor.

Of course, all investment has risks.  Do your homework. Read the details.  Each project has it’s own requirements but how wonderful to have a chance to help another person have a home.



April, 2016: What am I going to do with my life? What have I done so far? Have I really learned from my mistakes in life or am I just comfortable thinking that  I have?  The questions ran through my head day  and night.

October, 2017: What a difference a year makes. This has been the happiest, most satisfying time of my life.  I became a REALTOR®. What a life! I am free to spend my days (and many evenings) helping people make some of the most important decisions of their lives: where they will live. These long hours are a tiny price to pay for the satisfaction of helping people create the lives they want. Sappy?  Maybe,  but true.

I hope you will follow me as we consider All Things Home.  What is Home?  Is it simply a building, a space or is it much more? Is it peace, comfort, belonging, ideas, growth and love? Is it sometimes a source of pain as well as joy?  Together, let’s consider the options.