What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do?

                                                            GET TO THE POINT!!!!

It screams through my head every time I open an email more than a paragraph long.  I thought it was because I was from New York and lacked the southern mannerisms deep in my soul. Danny Rubin, author of  Wait, How Do I Write This Email? has relieved my mind and explained why so many people write fluff instead of content.

Rubin contends that our inability to just say what we want in writing is because we paid attention in our high school English classes. Remember the 2000 word requirement? The constant reminders to increase our vocabularies? Well, we did it and now no one wants to read what we write.

The solution? Get rid of any words in your email that doesn’t affect the content. The following are typical culprits:

This, that, these and those 

quite, extremely, absolutely, in order to, and most ing words

Rubin’s book is an easy read and he provides examples of effective writing. My only complaint is that the majority of his material is aimed at the job seeker, but he did disclose his intent at the beginning

Note: I have removed 20% of this blog before I pressed PUBLISH.  Thank you, Mr. Rubin!





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