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Crowd Funding for Real Estate

Crowd Funding for Real Estate

Maybe it was the rain the fell for three full days in Myrtle Beach this weekend. Maybe it was remembering where I used to work as I filmed my biography with Reel Events… but my thoughts went to the people trying to get their lives back together after the devastating storms in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Texas and who can ever forget,  New Orleans.

Crowd Funding, most popularly known as “Go Fund Me” pages have sprouted up everywhere during the past few years and my own daughter has received much needed  equipment and supplies for her classroom in Norfolk but until recently, real estate was left out in the cold. Not anymore. Now, thanks to Title 3 of the JOBS act, anyone will as little as $1000 can invest in single homes, retail centers and multi family homes.

So what does rain have to do with crowd funding?  A lot, actually. Now a builder without a credit line at a bank or 20% equity can build homes in areas where people hit the hardest need them. Now people like me, not affected directly by these tragedies can invest (and get a return) without being an accredited investor.

Of course, all investment has risks.  Do your homework. Read the details.  Each project has it’s own requirements but how wonderful to have a chance to help another person have a home.