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April, 2016: What am I going to do with my life? What have I done so far? Have I really learned from my mistakes in life or am I just comfortable thinking that  I have?  The questions ran through my head day  and night.

October, 2017: What a difference a year makes. This has been the happiest, most satisfying time of my life.  I became a REALTOR®. What a life! I am free to spend my days (and many evenings) helping people make some of the most important decisions of their lives: where they will live. These long hours are a tiny price to pay for the satisfaction of helping people create the lives they want. Sappy?  Maybe,  but true.

I hope you will follow me as we consider All Things Home.  What is Home?  Is it simply a building, a space or is it much more? Is it peace, comfort, belonging, ideas, growth and love? Is it sometimes a source of pain as well as joy?  Together, let’s consider the options.